pencil"Ms. Karin is a caring & compassionate person, who shares her love of nature & gardening with the children in a way that sparks their interest & curiosity."
Pamela Latham
Associate Director, Paideia Classical Academy
pencil"Karen Fields is an amazing woman! She has in depth knowledge of growing organic fruits and vegetables in South Florida. Her high energy and enthusiasm is contagious! My students love when the 'Gardening Gal' comes to school to help us with our garden. She has been the key to our school's organic gardening program."
Wanda Cooper M.Ed
2nd Grade Teacher, Nova Eisenhower Elementary
pencil"I attended the most incredible organic gardening class today. It was conducted by woman named Karin Fields. She is an expert on organic gardening in South Florida. I was impressed by her knowledge and by her warm, friendly way of working with people, especially kids. I wish I had had the benefit of her wisdom before I launched my own abortive attempt at organic gardening a few years ago."
Jessica Ramer
Fort Lauderdale Environmental Health Examiner
pencil"This was great, informative, and fun! Karin was very helpful and answered everyone's questions with an open heart and a fun spirit. We loved it! Thanks Karin Fields! Great job. See you again..."
Krista Bloom
Linda Payne
pencil"Anyone interested in gardening, experienced or not, can benefit from a person that has spent several years specializing in the field and who obviously enjoys sharing her knowledge. I tinker at it and now will tinker far more effectively. Having questions answered by one who has the answers is not only helpful but is motivational because its much better to act on knowledge rather than in the dark. Karin has a charming manner of presenting a detailed approach to opening a whole new and productive activity for those that have a little space, sun, and water. My very sweet Cherry tomatoes are reward enough for the additional effort in attempting to grow about a half a dozen other veggies. All of the above will help in an effort to go vegetarian or farther. A couple of very well spent hours and be sure to try the African Berry, lemon and unripe mangos. Watch out for the next presentation - I would consider attending again just to make sure I didn't miss anything."
pencil"Great meeting! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge about gardening!"
"pencilVery informative!"